Chromeo Drop Funkalicious Teaser For New Album

Montreal electrofunk duo Chromeo have been keeping us in suspense since 2010’s Business Casual, and they’re going to get fans champing at the bit before the next proper album drops, if this two-minute trailer is any indication. On a country road, the pair jump a convertible, action-hero-style, with a white-veiled passenger in the backseat—a woman they both seem to have just married. Thank you, slippery slope!

The new music played over the clip is, of course, what we’re most interested in, and the bassline and synth squelches are in all the right places. “And even though you got small breasts / Well to me they look the best / I confess / I wanna go home and get you undressed,” they sing with their usual sneaky wit as the car’s undercarriage sparks dreamily against asphalt.
But the most promising aspect of all this? That honor would have to go to the new album’s title: White Women. Presumably the final frontier for two musicians who have already pushed some racial buttons by describing themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture.” Now let’s get funky—and potentially controversial.
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