Chris Brown Ruins Halloween With Islamophobic Costume

Oh, that’s right: it’s before noon and I’ve dropped an Islamophobic bomb. But come on, you guys. Most of us didn’t get to have Halloween this year (which, granted, is small potatoes when you think of people who still don’t have power or water or, you know, a HOUSE because of hurricane damage), but I generally follow the rule that goes, "If you are given a precious gift, such as the opportunity to dress up for Halloween, don’t fuck it up for the rest of us, you stupid jag off of a human being." Yeah, I’m talking to you, Chris Brown.

That’s Chris Brown in the middle there, guns a-blazin’. Cool costume. Cool beard! Very good at Halloween, Chris Brown. I can totally see what Rihanna sees in him, you know? It’s really that compassionate, sensitive character that really draws a gal to a man, I guess. 

[Image via Hypervocal]

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