Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Williamsburg With the Ladies of Haim

Saturday night was Cinco de Mayo, and I made the long haul to Williamsburg from the confines of Bay Ridge; thanks to the MTA, it took an extra long time to get there. When I finally arrived at Glasslands Gallery, I managed to catch the tail end of Brooklyn-based power-trio Team Spirit. Energetic burly dudes, sweating their asses off while playing some gnarly guitar riffs? Yes please! I’m digging up some goods from them here, and I anticipate that they’re exactly what my summer will sound like. But I was eager to see headliners Haim—some favorites of ours at BlackBook. I mean it when I say that I’ve never seen chicks rock harder.

Haim’s median age is a mere 23, and they’ve only released a three-song EP, which you can download here. Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana (aka Baby Haim) played to a sold-out crowd of 300 fans. I looked around the room and noticed the crowd was predominately male. A bunch of dudes coming to see babes rock on a Saturday night? Enough said. Slaying it with their hits “Go Slow” and “Better Off,” it wasn’t long before a mosh pit erupted. It was a hodgepodge of good-looking people singing, clapping, and stomping, all in a show of love. Was it the power of the supermoon? With the celestial wonder at its full peak, Haim’s set ended with their infamous heart-pumping drum circle before exiting stage right. The crowd, filled with evident fans, chanted for an encore before eventually realizing that the ladies weren’t returning. It does, however, go to show that this sister trio is a powerhouse leaving you wanting more with every melody. I see only huge things for these girls and you can bet we’ll be there reporting their rise.           

Right before midnight, the streets filled with a whole mess of humans liquored up on Jose Cuervo ready to get into whatever the universe had in store for them (which was probably more tequila). Me? I prepped myself for the long trek back to the depths of south Brooklyn, feverishly trying to figure out how I was going to start a kick-ass girl band. Anyone?

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