Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn Girls” Proves Even Music About Brooklyn is Being Gentrified

Video still via Vevo
“Brooklyn girls, when they walk in they rule the world.” That’s the hooky lyric of Catey Shaw’s new song about everyone’s favorite cool borough. The song, which sounds like Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Carrie Underwood thrown into a blender (plus something a little whinier, maybe Christina Aguilera?) is accompanied by a video highlighting “Brooklyn girls” on “their island” focusing mainly on the blue-ombré’d Shaw.

The song is being sold as a “summer anthem” for Brooklyn. This seems problematic as:
A. Catey Shaw is from Virginia Beach
B. In her Twitter bio she reps the 212 area code, not the 718, so, she’s a Manhattan girl?
C. I think maybe the only people that will like this song are from the suburbs or are eleven– but they probs have a great vintage Urban Outfitters tee that says Brooklyn on it (maybe even a band tee of the Beastie Boys or The Notorious B.I.G.)

Anyway, watch the video for yourself here, and if you like it and you’re from Brooklyn, or even have been there one time to go to a weird concert your friend’s friend’s band was in tweet @ me (@zoe_dubno) and tell me I’m wrong, I dare you. 

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