Brazilian Psych-Rock Legends Os Mutantes Preview New Album

Everyone may be preparing for SxSW or mulling over the Pitchfork lineup or getting all googly-eyed over the 15 or so seconds of a new Daft Punk song that were played over a commercial during Saturday Night Live, but this may actually be the best music news all week. Brazilian tropicalismo pioneers Os Mutantes, who you may know from your cooler-than-you college roommate or that McDonald’s commercial from a few years ago with "A Minha Menina" in it, are still making music and about to release their second album since the ’70s.

Fool Metal Jack, out April 30th, follows 2009’s Haih or Amortecedor, the first album the group had made since reuniting in 2006. Listen to four samples from the album through the band’s SoundCloud below, including the heavy, almost Tom Waits-ish, creeping bass-heavy title track, the funkified "Look Out," "Once Upon a Flight" and "Piccadilly Willie." 

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