Bow Wow: The Next Will Smith?

Today, the hip-hop world loses a tweenage idol, and the movie world gains an aspiring next-Will Smith. Shad Moss, the artist formerly known as Bow Wow, is throwing all his eggs into one doggy bag, because he “wants to be the next Will Smith.” Bow Wow was just cast in a recurring role in season five of “Entourage” as Eric’s newest client, a stand-up comic named Charlie, as well as in Patriots, a sports movie set in post-Katrina New Orleans, opposite Forest Whitaker and Isaiah Washington.

Like Big Willie, Bow Wow got his start as a rapper, but while Smith began his movie career with Six Degrees of Separation, Bad Boys, and Independence Day, Bow Wow has throwaways like Roll Bounce, Like Mike, and Johnson Family Vacation on his rap sheet. The next Cuba Gooding Jr. sounds more like it.

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