Bon Rappetite: The Greatest Concept Restaurant That Never Was

You could almost hear the sounds of would-be entrepreneurs across the internet whining, "But that was going to be myyyyyy great idea!" The website for a new Atlanta restaurant with a concept we’re actually surprised no one’s done yet: Bon Rappetite, a dining establishment where all the dishes are named after famous rappers for "a delicious menu that caters to the ballers."

Although there may not be real food, or a real restaurant, those who come across the site are treated to a king-sized banquet of puns (Big Puns). For an appetizer, one can make like Three Six Mafia and eat so many shrimp, you get iodine poisoning, or opt for a Ludacrispy Chicken Salad or Olive Tapen-Nas. Fans of soul food can delight in Pone-Thugs-&-Hominy (where pork tenderloin, herbs and bleu cheese meet at Tha Crossroads). For dessert, an ATL classic: Waka Flocka FlambĂ© ("Our take on a Baked Alaskan = The Baked Atlantan!"). And, of course, the slogan is a salute to one of the South’s greatest, Master P: "Make ‘Em Say Yum." Oh, and of course, there are hot tub tables. 

Even sans restaurant though, they are selling merchandise.

The Bon Rappetite website appears to be the work of social media marketing and web designing ATLiens Baby Robot Industries, who are also responsible for the awesome but disturbing cash4teeth. The restaurant address is currently listed as 400 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, which, according to Google Street View, is a pretty residential area. Although we’re pretty sure the address was somewhere else not too long ago. Perhaps this is the platform for some kind of viral marketing scavenger hunt thing? A new food truck, even? 

Perhaps with all the buzz, it will be a food truck or a pop-up establishment someday. As long as they’re not serving A$AP Rocky Mountain Oysters, I think we’ll be okay. Sorry. Had to. 

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