BlackBook Premiere: Sean Flinn & the Royal We’s Video for ‘The Lost Weekend’

Time moves a little more slowly in the latest video from Sean Flinn & the Royal We. In the Tucker Wysong-directed clip for “The Lost Weekend,” a carefree camping trip takes a turn for the sinister when the night falls. While Flinn delivers a performance that’s as darkly charming as the song, his friends get up to no good–until evil comes after them. “In the end only Tucker and Sean returned from the shoot,” the producers Hewnfilm tease. “The rest of the crew simply vanished.”

“The Lost Weekend” is the title track from the Portland indie rocker’s new album, which he released earlier this month. It follows the 2010 debut LP Write Me A Novel. If you like breezy melodies and sweet harmonies, listen to Sean Flinn & The Royal We’s The Lost Weekend below and check out the band on Facebook and Twitter for tour dates and more.

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