BlackBook Premiere: Listen to Two Beautiful New Tracks From Essie Jain’s ‘All Became Golden’

This Friday, beautifully talented British songstress Essie Jain will release the stunning audio visual album All Became Golden. It’s a remarkable collaboration between herself, filmmaker Natalie Johns, and the incomparable talents of composer Nico Muhly that not only provides a haunting sonic immersion into Jain’s soothingly gorgeous voice and Muhly’s genius arrangements, but a visual look at the imagination and execution behind the project. From rehearsals and performances to the emotional journey that sparked the album’s inception, All Became Golden is a captivating and honest look into the heart of true creative experience. 

As the fourth album from Jain, music has long been a passion—however, the pursuit wasn’t always easy. "I couldn’t get any breaks at all, I just couldn’t seem to bridge the gap that needed bridging," says Jain. "Making music had become very complicated and made me very depressed. When something gets really painful you stop doing it, because it becomes impossible to continue." But after meeting director Natalie Johns, she and Jain began working on a collaboration to meld their talents. "When someone suggests filming you with a 20 piece orchestra, it’s pretty hard to turn down," says Jain. "That’s such a beautiful thing to be offered, and for that to be possible, to actually get to work with an orchestra, that was miles away from anything I thought I would ever be able to get near." And speaking to Muhly’s work on the project, Jain notes that, "he does things incredibly quickly and works really spontaneously, he’s so gifted in that way."
Recorded over two days in 2012 at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, All Became Golden premiered its trailer earlier this week at The Huffington Post—but today, we’re more than pleased to premiere two brilliant tracks from the album. The first, "Why Worry" a Dire Straits cover; the second, "I," the opening track for the film. "I just wanted to do this project for the creativity of it," says Jain. "Even if it hid in a cupboard for the next 30 years, it knew it would be an amazing thing for me to do as a musician." 
So take a listen below, watch the video for "Raise You" and see the All Became Golden for free on Vimeo this Friday, June 28th.

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