BlackBook Premiere: Kinetics’ ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ Mixtape

From time to time we love to share new tunes with our readers, and what better day to do so than on a Tuesday, the typical day of the week in which the newest albums drop for the masses. But we like you so much that we’re giving you some music for FREE. We’re excited to premiere With a Little Help From My Friends, an exclusive mixtape from Grammy nominated-songwriter Kinetics and hosted by DJ Jesse Marco, who you’d recognize as the DJ from the film Project X. Just as the title implies, the mixtape features appearances from the likes of Remedy, Nitty Scott, Ra Rugged Men, Chris Webby, Mike Stud, and more. Find the full tracklisting and the download after the jump! 

With A Little Help From My Friends (download here!)

  1. Chris Nolan (Feat. Yung Joey & Beau Young Prince)
  2. Rain Outside (Feat. RA Rugged Man & Remedy)
  3. Game Over (Feat. Chris Webby) 
  4. Bottle It Up (Remix Feat. Mike Stud & Accent) 
  5. Make It Work (Feat. Accent & Missy Modell)
  6. Rich Man (Feat. Unknown Prophets)
  7. Runaround (Feat. Accent)
  8. Cosmic Consciousness (Feat. Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB)
  9. Any Means Necessary (Feat. Nitty Scott)
  10. Would You Follow Me? (Feat. Deuce Broadway)
  11. 845 (Feat. Krystyle)
  12. Million Miles of War (Feat. Man-U-iLL)
  13. Breakfast Coke (Feat. Chance Fischer & Dylan Owen)
  14. Back Home (Feat. Hendersin)
  15. This Is Not A Love Song (Feat. Accent)
  16. Music Speak (Feat. B.Love & Hunter Stout) 

with a little help from my friends

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