BlackBook Premiere: Julian Lynch, ‘Gloves’

You have to hand it to Underwater Peoples: 90% of the artists on the label really do sound like they’re playing at the bottom of a swimming pool. Julian Lynch, since 2008, has been collaborating with the likes of two such aqueous bands: Ducktails and Real Estate. Meanwhile, he’s forged a winding solo path.

Which brings us to “Gloves,” a brand-new Lynch track from the forthcoming Lines LP, due out March 26. There’s a repetitive, jamming, minimal phrase that gets tessellated like one of Sufjan Stevens’s little shards of song, over which we hear some accordion wheeze. A bass line meanders through the mechanics until we come up against an outburst of guitar around the two-minute mark.

Nothing too dramatic, here, but then that’s always been Underwater Peoples’ charm—you could listen to this laid-back stuff while sitting out on the back porch with a beer and forget to put on something else when it’s over.

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