BlackBook Premiere: Inspired & The Sleep’s Soft-Rocking ‘Fly Low’

Two lovely impulses animate the shimmering “Fly Low,” a brand-new track from the solo concept that became psychedelic San Diego indie four-piece Inspired & The Sleep, today available as a free download. The first is a gesture toward the beauty of imperfection—a piano just detuned enough to sound warmly lit by dusted sunlight, for example. The next is a preference for chunky, overdriven guitar riffs. These qualities here come together with a surprising, delicate modal brilliance that may sound familiar to a Menomena fan.

That gentle but well-weighted approach, the search for (and nailing of) an appropriately twitchy groove, falsetto yowls alongside ivory runs in the upper octaves: all make “Fly Low” the best bit of trippy soft rock we’ve heard in ages, not to mention the calling card of a band willing to experiment until they hit on a formula equal to their serious pop ambitions. On headphones, you’ll feel the thud of your blood even while wondering if your feet haven’t left the ground completely—a testament to how well guitarist Bryce Outcault, drummer Zachary Elliott, saxophonist Ryan Linvill, and guest vocalist Sara De La Isla have rounded out the insomniac lo-fi ponderings of Max Greenhalgh, originally the project’s lone member.

We’re quite certain you’ll be hearing more from the filled-out incarnation of Inspired & The Sleep, but for now, check out some of Greenhalgh’s spare and affectingly bedroom-ish early recordings. The only way you could get more intimate is by making out with him.


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