BlackBook Premiere: Hopscotch – ‘Red Sea’

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself far away from the frozen chill of winter. Picture yourself floating through the warm air, sinking into pleasurable feeling. And with the new track “Red Sea” from Hopscotch, her sensual and transcendent voice allows you to dive head first into the sonic world far from your own. As the latest work from Los Angeles-based voice artist Angela LaBaw, the formally trained performer and producer creates a sound that washes over you with euphoric and tender sensation, as you cannot help but keep playing it on loop again and again.

Speaking to “Red Sea,” LaBaw tells us:

I was hiking from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and saw a red algae bloom that a 70-year-old man who lived there his whole life told me he’d never seen happen before.  As I sat there under an angel tombstone that day, this song came to me. The lyric ‘rubies falling from the sky’ speaks to the alchemy of transformation. Shed a tear, and a spirit is fed. A cycle is completed.

And after the release of her 2013 EP Emotion Remixes, now LaBaw will be gifting us with Archer EP & Remixes, droppinig on May 6th. The EP will feature four original tracks, paired with remixes by such names as Rex Riot, Sigrah, Dimond Saints, Sounds What, Jantsen & Dirtmonkey, Brooksbrown, Christopher Norman, and Champagne.

So today, we’re pleased to share Hopscotch’s “Red Sea” with you exclusively here on BlackBook. I’d suggest turning on those Christmas lights hanging on your wall, lying down, and really letting this one come to life.


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