BlackBook Premiere: Doomsquad – ‘Waka Waka’

What would you expect from a band called Doomsquad? If you’re guessing a sound driven by darkness that alternately flirts with the ethereal and the menacing, with no regard for conventional song structures, you’re right. Siblings Allie, Jaclyn, and Trevor Blumas split their time between Toronto and Montreal, and they’re getting ready to release their debut album Kalaboogie. Out February 25 on Hand Drawn Dracula/No Pain In Pop, it’s loaded with entrancing, danceable rhythms packaged in unexpected ways. It may be a challenging listen, but the vibe is undeniable.

Here’s Doomsquad’s new single, “Waka Waka.” The track kicks off with a thrilling sense of foreboding before heated guitars blast through the synth haze, paving the way for the track to go totally unhinged. Things get reeled back in for a psychedelic stomp that takes the song to completion. The video, directed by Ghostprom, is sure to take off in the illuminati goth sector of Tumblr, which should not be construed as anything other than a compliment. Reflecting the band’s dark side and sense of humor, the clip also includes a phone number that you can call to receive a free download of the track.

Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick

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