BlackBook Premiere: Analog Rebellion – “I Am A Ghost” (Live In Berlin)

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It’s nothing unusual for art to be inspired by the environment it was created in. But for Analog Rebellion, it wasn’t enough to deck out an ordinary studio. Instead, the Texas indie rock outfit decamped to Berlin–more specifically, to an abandoned NSA spy station constructed during the 60s at Teufelsberg, or “the devil’s mountain.” In this live video, band leader Daniel Hunter visits the otherworldly sphere to deliver a raw solo rendition of “I Am A Ghost.” The track is naturally haunting, and the line “I’ve got bodies in the back of my Cadillac” becomes extra chilling against the stark, compelling backdrop.

The original version of “I Am A Ghost” appears on Analog Rebellion’s new record Ill’e Grande, released last week on Dabbo Records. Follow Hunter and co. on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.