BlackBook Exclusive: Yassou Benedict’s Spine-Tingling ‘The Cloisters’

When I hear “cloisters,” I think of nuns, sequestered from the world in safe little gardens and prayer rooms—but that’s only half the story. There’s also  ghosts, and moonlit intrigue, and evil supernatural forces at work, as in The Monk, one of the scariest works of Gothic fiction. That uneasy atmosphere is the one that hangs over this brand-new track from San Francisco’s Yassou Benedict, off their In Fits In Dreams EP.

Set to a video, directed by Steve Durand and filmed out in the gorgeous nature of the band’s hometown of Hudson, New York, “The Cloisters” moves almost imperceptibly from one gesture to the next. First thin and spectral, then shading in blanks with more abrasive guitar, and finally resolving into a totally unexpected dream-pop melody, it’s guided the whole time by gently cresting and falling vocals. The visual story is an abstract one, concerning a woman who lies dead (or dying) in a field after a motorcycle accident. 

Did we mention this track is also a free download? Get it while the getting’s good.
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