BlackBook Exclusive: Vandana Jain’s Fearless ‘Anti Venus’

Vandana Jain has lived all over the world—raised in India, educated in London, currently working in Brooklyn as a graphic designer (check that trippy album art, a collaboration with artist May Lin Le Goff)—and it shows on her wildly eclectic, self-assured musical debut, Anti Venus, which officially drops tomorrow. Elements of sinister trip-hop rub up against neon synth-pop, all of it suffused with powerful lyrics on female vulnerability as it coincides with ferocious womanly spirit. In other words: your Monday just got awesome.

Of course, several tracks make for flat-out sleazy seductions: “Eagle Spread” practically begs for a grinding session, as does early single “Mask.” Later on in the album, “House And Tree,” “Acid Drone,” “Arp,” and “Dogs On Wurli” make for a cerebral suite of moody, druggy atmospheres, not unlike a few selections from the cult-favorite Minimal Wave Tapes anthology, before giving way to the Vangelis-meets-Portishead finale of “Nothing Of Consequence.” Anti Venuswould be an album worth sharing anyway, but tweet this stream and you’re automatically in the running to win a free download of the record. So have a listen and get clicking!

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