BlackBook Exclusive: Hear “Prism” the First Single Off Metal Mother’s ‘Ionika’

Like a twitch, twitch, twitching that starts in your toes and crawls up your legs and through your chest and up your neck and into your brain, there are some songs made for writhing around on wooden floors and somber moonless bedroom dancing. And with her avant-pop mix of melancholic vocal layering and analog synth melodies, Metal Mother’s unique sonic worlds worm themselves into your brain, firing off all the right signals.

As the musical project of Oakland-native, Taara Tati, Metal Mother’s sophomore album Ionika, is set to be released later this spring, and with the first single "Prism", we get a taste of what’s to come. Pulsating with heartbeat rhythms and inspired by Druid history and folklore, Tati asserts that the album is a product of an introverted time in her life where she was overcome to learn about both her Celtic ancestry and the art of music production. 

Described by others as everything from a "neon, acid-drenched wood nymph" to a musical phenomena reinventing "metal aesthetics for the sake of dark, tribal folk pop," Metal Mother focuses headily on smooth textures and bass lines. Spurred from a restlessness to create something visceral and ornate, Ionika was created with Oakland-based producer David Earl. You can get the full album April 16th via the artist’s own label Post Primal but for now, take a listen to her dark and lovely first single "Prism."

Photo by Leo Volk Matis

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