BlackBook Exclusive: Firehorse’s Bubbly ‘Good’

In Firehorse, singer-songwriter Leah Siegel has a tight indie band that is refreshingly adventurous in its offbeat arrangements. With their debut, And So They Ran Faster, garnering accolades from NPR, the Los Angeles Times and others, we can set our expectations for sophomore effort Pills From Strangers (due out June 25) pretty high—especially if “Good,” the effervescent single streaming here for the first time, is at all representative. 

Launching with seasick electronics and Siegel’s immediately arresting voice, “Good” moves onto an punchy organ backdrop that’s like a groove from Stereolab. But this too, is a bit of a deception. “Never was a good girl,” Siegel keeps reiterating as the instruments begin to squall and pound—and just like that, the track becomes a danceable rave-up worthy of Le Tigre. (In fairness, they also sound a whole lot like themselves.)
If you’re an early bird type, consider picking up some tickets to the CD release concert for Pills From Strangers on June 28 at Mercury Lounge. It’ll be hot and sweaty and a good chance to rub up on strangers with fine taste in music. 
[Photo credit: Jon Morris]
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