BlackBook does Bonnaroo (Sort Of)

The Bonnaroo Music Festival happened this weekend, and although we didn’t attend, reading enough blogs, rundowns, and roundups of the festivities makes us feel like we did (we love you, www). And now, some of the high and low lights:

-My Morning Jacket played a four-hour set on Friday night in torrential rain. Calls of “Best. Show. Ever.” abound.

-Olsen Twins are spotted backstage at Cat Power’s Saturday show, as is Eddie Vedder, who they mistake for “the guy from MGMT”.

Read more highlights after the jump!

-Kanye West is over two hours late for his Saturday night, er, morning set. He finally took the stage well after 4 a.m. When he sung his hit “Gone,” he unintentionally described half the crowd.

-For the third time in just over a week, M.I.A announces her “last show,” this time in a Bonnaroo tent. We hope so. The sooner she stops touring, the sooner we get a new album.

-Pearl Jam plays their first festival show since the tragedy in 2000 Roskilde, where nine fans were trampled to death. When their three-hour set reached “Better Man,” Vedder looked into the massive crowd to see a sea of lighters, and said “That’s beautiful.”

-Worthwhile Chris Rock zinger during his hour-long stand-up performance: “”Flavor Flav must be killed in order for black people to be truly free.”

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