Bjork and The Dirty Projectors Unite For ‘Mount Wittenberg Orca’

This is an exciting day. My plan to rid NYC of hipsters is ramping up and it looks like it might be even more effective than I dared imagine. Here’s the deal: I’m going to put together an event that is so hip that it produces a sort of a hipster black hole, if you will, a rip in the coolness continuum. Just as a black hole is a deformation in spacetime caused by an incredibly compact mass from which nothing, including light, can escape, this event will be an incredibly compact mass of hipsterdom from which nothing—or no one—hip can escape. Have I been successful? You be the judge. Can you say, “Dirty Projectors and Bjork collaboration EP born out of an event at the Housing Works organized by Stereogum Senior Writer Brandon Stosuy?” Ka-pow.

Here is the promo clip for the upcoming EP. Look at it. Look at it. It’s just 30 seconds of grass. Are you kidding me? Hipsters won’t be able to escape this, its pull will be too strong.

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