Beyoncé Opens Atlantic City’s Revel, Is Back to Business

On Saturday afternoon I got to experience the hell that is Port Authority for the first time, but I kept telling myself as I stood at a directory with absolutely no idea where to go that all of the madness was worth it: in just a few hours, I’d be in the same room as Beyoncé, who was playing the second of four shows to celebrate the opening of Revel, Atlantic City’s new resort that is attempting to bring the sophisticated debauchery of Vegas to the Jersey Shore. The four-show event was dubbed "Back to Business," and it was clear that the boss was ready for action.

First of all, my companion Maura Johnston (whose review you can read here) and I were in the seventh row in the orchestra, close enough that I am certain that not only did Beyoncé see my face but that we also made eye contact and she is aware of my existence. No, seriously. I am convinced of this. I was very, very close to the stage, as you can see in the image below:

Sure, Bey didn’t blow me a kiss or anything (as she did to Sasha and Malia Obama, who sat with friends in the front row of the VIP box just above my seat, dancing and singing along with the rest of the crowd), but I’m pretty sure I made an impression. Have you ever locked eyes with one of the most famous and talented people in the world and so clearly had a deep connection with them in the brief moment you shared before they had to go stage-right and do their signature shoulder pop and booty-shake? No? I’m so sorry to hear that! 

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