Azealia Banks Drops ‘Fantasea’ Mixtape

Last month, some intrepid members of the BlackBook team went to see Azealia Banks’ "Mermaid Ball" at the Bowery Ballroom. The show included a mermaid/merman costume contest and fashion inspired by marine life abounded. Aesthetics aside, her show was "a full-on rap attack," so we can only hope her new mermaid-themed mixtape, Fantasea, released tonight after many changes and inclusion of new material. Banks took to her Twitter account to talk about the creative process of making the mixtape:


"Fantasea is almost kind of a first album of sorts….but it happened by mistake…. It’s weird. This is a test run… I tried a lot of cool things… Sounds I thought were progressive, beats made by close friends, different flowsss. Lololololol I hope you guys like it! I’m nervoussssss." 

Nautically-themed cuts like "Aquababe" and "Atlantis" appear on the track alongside previously-heard bangers like "Jumanji" and the Diplo-produced "Fuck Up the Fun." Last night, ahead of the full mixtape dropping, Banks released "Neptune," a new track with Shystie in which she raps in the same cadence as "212" with a background of aqua-boogie synth blips that actually give everything a bit of an underwater feel. Listen to it and Styles P collaboration "Nathan" below and download the mixtape here

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