Asses Shake in Diplo’s ‘Express Yourself’ Music Video

Mega-producer Diplo may be a man of varied tastes, but two of the simpler ones are on display in the newly released music video for "Express Yourself": beats and butts, both of which come without relent over the song’s three-and-a-half minutes. Diplo himself is content to hang in the background while partner-in-crime Nicky Da B takes center stage and a bunch of people, men and women alike (lest you think Diplo’s ass appreciation was gender-biased), shake their glutes to the music. Take a look for yourself after the click, via Karmaloop by way of Pitchfork.

Someone will eventually make a GIF out of the clip at :23 where both Diplo and an ass are shown clapping. I’d like that GIF in my inbox, please. "Express Yourself" is off an EP of the same name, which is due in May.

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