ASAP Rocky Brawls at SXSW

SXSW came to a close with a brawl at the ASAP Rocky show at the Vice Kills Texas party last night.  According to Spinner, someone in the crowd threw a beer can on stage, hitting one of his crew.  When the Harlem-based rapper tried to calm everyone down, a beer can was thrown at him, followed by another and another until the group jumped into the crowd and the whole thing got out of control.

The police arrived and the party was shut down with just one person injured with a bloodied head. Fuse reports: "Things devolved quickly, as nearly every member of Rocky’s crew rushed the crowd, starting a brawl that would end up in the back of the warehouse in seconds." 

Last year, the band got into a scuffle at the Fader Fort, fighting with the sound guy and flipping over drums.  This from a group who recently said, "We’re like the f—in’ twisted metal hop. Honestly, we’re rebels, but the attitude isn’t hardcore to the point of where we’re untamed boys, you just can’t deal with us." 



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