Are Rebecca & Fiona Sweden’s Next Act to Pop?

This past weekend, Sweden’s musical elite gathered at a Coachella-esque music festival called Way Out West, which made a bit of noise internationally thanks to a clip of Kanye West hopping on stage during Prince’s set. But the act that made the most noise after the headliners packed up was Stockholm’s Rebecca & Fiona, who played a hotly-tipped 3am Gothenburg club gig associated with Way Out West. The line wrapped around the block.

Rebecca & Fiona are well-known in Sweden thanks to national exposure on TV via a docu-series on Sveriges Television, where fans got a behind-the-scene glimpse of their lives producing music and touring the country (the duo has opened for homegrown talents like Robyn). While some critics have dismissed them as dilettantes, others believe they just might usher in a new wave of young female DJs in a scene currently dominated by men.

The duo, who’ve been recording a dizzying amount of music lately, explained the method behind their madness. “Our winter starts in October and we don’t see the sun again until the spring,” says Fiona. In a few months, American fans will get a fresh dose of their sound thanks to a new single produced by Kaskade, which they recorded in California earlier this year. “We’re making a video in Sweden,” said Rebecca backstage at Way Out West, where the pair turned heads wherever they went–both are known as fashion trendsetters for young Swedish girls.

It’s too soon to tell if fans outside of Sweden will feel the same about Rebecca & Fiona’s brand of pop-tinged dance music as their fellow countrymen, but 2012 may well see them breaking the fortress that is the American market, and representing a very different dimension of underground Scandinavian dance music, one born in clubs and made by – perhaps made for – women. “We’re productive and motivated,” said Fiona. “People here [in Sweden] are obsessed with making it.”

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