Arctic Monkeys Still Stomping About With ‘Do I Wanna Know?’

In the depths of the night (or morning, I guess, with the time zones and all), Sheffield garage-rock quartet Arctic Monkeys put a new single online and, by the morning, they had fired up the salivary glands of musical Anglophiles the world over. "Do I Wanna Know?" comes more than a year after their last single, the Drake-inspired "R U Mine?," which dropped in February 2012 and was released physically for Record Store Day. Adding another new song on the pile will likely spur more rumors about a potential fifth album, the follow-up to the generally-liked Suck It and See

Like "R U Mine?," "Do I Wanna Know" is also titled interrogatively, and is on the slower side, but still imposing, this time with a big handclap-propelled beat that anchors the guitar riffs. There’s an eerie quality to Alex Turner’s voice as he sings about crawling back to a lost love, with the guitar hanging over like a spectre and the rest of the band providing a ghostly chorus. Watch the video, which starts out simply enough with black-and-white animated soundwaves before entering into a bizarro-world of colors and nudity and lots and lots of flames, below. 

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