Arcade Fire’s Manager Proves Vincent Moon Right

Some people have a real knack for being very, very vicious on the internet, and we’d like to add Arcade Fire manager Scott Rodger to that list. After music video director Vincent Moon accused the band and their management of being bags of the douche variety, Mr. Rodger composed himself, consulted with his colleagues, and went to work. The result is a short but stinging comeback. In it, Mr. Rodger accuses Mr. Moon of drug addiction, theft, and professional self-implosion. But would any of it have had the same effect without that cold, curt, and flat-out brutal “thanks” at the end? See for yourself, after the jump.

Dear Vincent,

I’m one of the so called “not good people”. Can we get the camera equipment you stole from the band returned yet? Perhaps if your drug habit could be contained you may actually be able to complete a film. We should have taken advice from our other friends who worked with you who advised us not to. But we thought it would be great. Unfortunately we were wrong. Your move to “art films”, that wouldn’t by any chance be circumstantial as no one is prepared to hire or commission you any more?

Telling the truth. It’s not that hard Vincent.

Now can we get our equipment back?



So yeah, we kind of see what Vincent Moon was talking about.

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