Angel Haze Drops Azealia Banks Diss Track Following Twitter Spat

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There are few turns of phrases that make me feel old than "Twitter beef," but it is so: hip-hop starlets Azealia Banks and Angel Haze were caught feuding online this week after Banks suggested that one cannot claim to be a New Yorker if one was not born in New York. I call myself a New Yorker, despite being born in Virginia, but I kept pretty quiet for fear of an all-caps response from Banks. I don’t want to be in a Twitter beef with Azealia Banks! Angel Haze, whose song "New York" includes the line "I run New York," despite her Michigan upbringing. Rappers are always on edge about these sorts of things. Naturally, the two of them spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon shit-talking each other.

Rather than letting this feud curtail her artistic endeavors, Angel Haze dropped a diss track called "On The Edge," which allows Haze room to spit enough insults ("Bitch put an album out / I think my album’s more done than yours and I just started a week ago" is a good sample) to keep me waiting for Banks’s response. Also, I should really figure out how to use GarageBand the next time someone pisses me offline, because making my own diss track sounds more fun than just blocking them.

[Via Pitchfork]

Update: Because the internet waits for no man, Azealia Banks has already released her rebuttal. This is what happens when you take your lunch break in between writing a post and actually scheduling it to publish online. Lesson learned, ladies! 

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