‘American Idol’ Alum Teams With All The ’90s Bands For Doubtful Guest

Reference something that happened in the ’90s, and a surprisingly large subset of the population will begin salivating over it like tasty, artery-clogging nostalgia bacon. It’s a strategy that works for Internet websites, retro t-shirt companies, TV networks (remember those few months where the Internet was stoked that Kenan & Kel was back?) and other people in charge of creating things.

The latest recruit in this unspoken but ubiquitous global mission to bring the ’90s back at any cost is former American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus, who regularly covers tracks by earlier rock artists like KISS and Led Zeppelin at her shows, but is a fan of the grunge sound. Magnus will be joining a roster of supporting players from a number of popular ’90s bands to form a hard-rock cover super-group called Doubtful Guest. Her bandmates: Everclear bassist Sammy Hudson, drummer Tommy Stewart of Godsmack and Fuel, guitarist Tony Fredianelli of Third Eye Blind and still-active Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett. (Side note: Candlebox are still around!)

“We are all outcasts from something,” Magnus told the Hollywood Reporter. “Only Peter still plays in Candlebox. Then you throw American Idol on top of it, and it’s, like, ‘What are you doing?’”

What are you doing? You’re capitalizing on the excessive ’90s nostalgia thing happening right now, for one. But even with the tendency to get all sour grapes over this obsession with our sordid, badly-dressed cultural past, I defy you not to enjoy a little Third Eye Blind every now and then. And perhaps this project’s greatest weapon isn’t the #Rememberthe90s card, but the fact that Magnus can sing, and sing well. 

The band will make their debut in February and take to Kickstarter for some financial backing to get off the ground, where the incentives will include show destinations, picking set lists and more. And hey, it could work! If the band put together a set of all Third Eye Blind deep cuts, I’d even consider chipping in. For a slight hint of what’s to come, here’s Magnus tearing into KISS’s "Love Gun" at a show. 

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