Akudama Soothes the Weary Brooklynite’s Soul

Last night, after a thirty-dollar cab ride (cool) due to the L train being on fire (double cool), I landed at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg to check out long-time Brooklyn band Akudama as they celebrated the release of their twelfth and self-titled EP. Returning after a nine-month hiatus, a congregation of old and new friends assembled for a good time and some good tunes.

The five-piece band never ceases to amaze me. Their range and inspiration as musicians is beyond comparison to anything I have seen coming out of New York these days. Singer Blake Charleston takes you on a musical journey with songs like “Barbershop” and “Lake Carroll,” in which he brings us to his “happy place” near his grandmother’s house in northern Illinois. Last night was quite possibly the tightest I have seen them perform. Drummer Cayce Pia tore it up with such precision on his percussion with the new song “Heart Made of Rain,” which left people wondering if they were the only ones to witness that rat-tat-tat-tat on the drum (cue Gloria Estefan’s “Turn the Beat Around”).            

I will say, however, that the one downside of last night were the show-talkers—you know, those people who have full-blown conversations throughout an entire set with complete disregard for the people who paid their hard-earned cash to get in. We are at a show—not your living room. Shut the fuck up, thanks.

Show-talkers aside, click on over to download Akudamas new EP here, and allow yourself experience these tunes on this finally sunny Friday afternoon. The band joked that they would be back in another six months, but for all of our sakes we hope it was just that: a joke.

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