Aimee Mann and Laura Linney Appropriately Charming in “Charmer” Video

Life on the road can be draining, even for someone as experienced and established as Aimee Mann. Sometimes, to meet the demand, you have to take some seriously drastic measures. Mann explores one possible solution in the very funny video for "Charmer,’ her first single off the album of the same name. Tired of the rigors of touring, she takes some unsolicited advice and hires a robot double, played with impressive commitment by Laura Linney, also recently of The Big C, John Adams and the introductions before Downton Abbey. Linney adopts Mann’s mannerisms (rim shot!) and fashion sense, tension arises and the struggle between the real and ‘bot Aimees becomes absurd, and will make you smile as well as ponder the nature of fame.

Tom Scharpling directed the clip, in which Jon Hodgman makes a cameo as a sleazier, traveling-salesman version of himself to sell Mann on the idea of the robot double. Hodgman previously appeared in the Scharpling-directed video for The New Pornographers’ "Moves," if you’re into playing "six degrees" with funny people who also were in music videos. 
"I love this video concept because the idea completely falls apart when the robot double begins to do a better job than the original. Such are the pitfalls of relying on a persona," Mann writes, via the post at NPR. "I think Scharpling did a great job, and honestly, it’s a rare experience for me to have complete confidence in a video director. But he has great and funny and interesting ideas, and knows how to make things happen."
Charmer will be released September 18th, but in the meantime, watch the video and have yourself a good laugh. Goodnight, everybody! 
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