Afternoon Links: Lil Wayne is Writing A Prison Memoir, Jay and Bey Consider Space

● Back from cell block 23, Lil Wayne is publishing a "revealing" prision memoir from diary entries written during his time at Rikers, titled Gone Till November and to be released November 28th through Grand Central Publishing. Alternative titles suggested: "Tell warden, kiss my ass." [GalleyCat]

● Plenty of music videos have been set in "space" — Kanye‘s been "there," as have Britney, Bowie and the Smashing Pumkins — but apparently Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to be the first to actually shoot a video amongst the stars. "The label people have been talking about making a music video in space," reports someone who knows. "Beyoncé and Jay-Z seemed the obvious choice. Everything is being done to make it happen." And until then, the new parents can be found in their new home in the suburbs. [MTVUK]

● Demi Moore’s new personal trainer — the 26-year-old, self-described "renaissance as it gets" model, Blake Corl-Baietti — has been putting in lots of overtime, if you know what we mean. [People]

● One more week in the top spot and Adele’s 21 will be tied with the Titanic soundtrack for most weeks at number one on the Billboard. Even broken hearts can go on… [Billboard]

● Robert Pattinson shaved his head but forgot to put on something nice for last night’s People’s Choice Awards, where he was so luckily seated next to Betty White. [People]

● Lana Del Rey says that she caught Paz de la Huerta "getting her tits out" during a performance of "Video Games," and that she’s "been at peace" ever since. [Vulture]

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