Afternoon Links: Katy Perry Is Not Getting A Divorce, Nic Cage Sold A Really Expensive Comic Book

● Ignore the rumors: Katy Perry and Russell Brand are too busy giving each other tattoos to get divorced. Sort of like the way Katy is too busy drinking to have a baby. [TMZ/People]

● The gesture’s thoughtful, but Beyoncé is not at all interested in your hot sauce and pickles and bananas, thank you very much. "That is disgusting!" she says of her rumored pregnancy cravings. [Us]

● Questlove says that D’Angelo’s next album (finally!) is 97% done and that "it’s going to be the black version of [The Beach Boys’] Smile." [P4K]

● Lucky Nic Cage just sold one–just one!–of his comic books for a record breaking $2,161,000. Granted, it was the first-ever Superman comic, but still. [NYT]

● All the products Lady Gaga has ever hawked in one place. How stars are made! [GoldMedal2/YouTube]

● An Odd Future superfan claims to have Earl Sweatshirt’s first ever track, "WattStax," recorded when the currently MIA boy wonder was just 15 and working under the name Sly Tendencies. [CoS]

● 50 Cent has signed the Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D to his G-Note label. Does this mean Pauly D and his Shore-mates will be trading out their beloved Gatorade for Vitamin Water next season? [Huff Post]

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