A Song and Video For People Who Like to Click, Stretch, and Drag

Are you one of those people who like to interact with your computer screen? I don’t mean via social media or Skype or whatever, do you highlight blocks of text as you read, randomly drag icons across your desktop, and click on links, only to immediately close the tab? If you are, do we have a video for you. It’s for the song "Ministry of Love" by the band IO ECHO from their recent debut album, and it’s pretty cool: an interactive "experience" that mutates and chops up the normal images you’d see in a music video and lets you screw around with them.

A video image of singer and musician Ioanna Gika, for example, gets divided into dozens of little boxes, and it’s up to you to click and drag her face back together before time runs out. Other bandmembers Leopold Ross, Michael Edelstein, and Paul Rinnis get similarly messed with. It’s part screensaver, part music visualizer, and part videodrome, and I’m on my fourth listen/watch. But it’s also a song, and it’s a nice one, fuzzy and synth-heavy, with Gika’s emotional vocals "This is our Ministry of Love.." blending perfectly with a wall of guitar, bass, and very real-feeling drums. It’s a trip, both sonically and visually. All the upsides of drugs, without the health and legal risks. Watch the video here.

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