A Posthumous Amy Winehouse Album Might Be Possible

Although it seems crass to discuss the viability of Amy Winehouse’s future musical output in the wake of her very sad, very preventable death this weekend, the question of a possible third album is on people’s minds. Before her death, Winehouse was known to be working on a third album, and reports vary as to its state of completion. Her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, has said she’s heard it and it’s “very good,” and other sources have said it was done or nearing completion.

But her label hasn’t confirmed this, and no release date was ever posted nor singles released. Will we ever hear the music that Winehouse was working on before her death?

According to Popdust, it’s for sure that at least some music was completed: “The story goes that she was shuttling between recording stuff in line with her trademark soul sound with Back to Black producer Mark Ronson and more reggae-tinged material hanging out in St. Lucia, the latter group of songs Island records were said to have been none too fond of.” However, the album had been promised for January of this year, “but she obviously missed that deadline, no doubt helped little by her falling out with Ronson again late last year.”

So, we’ll see. Obviously there’s a real hunger for new Amy Winehouse music, especially since it’s been five years since the stunning Back to Black and since, after her passing, it seems that everyone is re-discovering what a one-of-a-kind talent she was.

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