A cause d’une femme

Strutting out on stage in sequins, French electro-pop singer Yelle has that je ne sais quoi to automatically captivate the audience at her Toronto show. With an intense, non-stop energy, her saucy moves prompted sweaty bodies to lose it on the crammed dancefloor. When asked where this stamina comes from, Yelle attributes it to feeling her feel-good performance. “I don’t take drugs or drink alcohol before the show, I just eat pasta, and I sleep every chance I get.”

Accompanied by her collaborators, Grand Marnier and Tepr, Yelle’s performance ripped though tracks from her latest album, Pop-Up, such as “Ce Jeu” and “Je Veux Te Voir.” She even caused some people to break out into questionable dance moves during “A Cause Des Garçons.” “It’s not a problem for me to be close to tecktonik because I like to dance, but I’m not a big fan of the haircut or the clothing,” says Yelle when asked about bringing the tecktonik dance craze to the forefront in the video for Tepr’s remix of “A Cause Des Garçons.”

Dance with Yelle at her show tomorrow night at the Highline Ballroom in New York. “I’m a little bit nervous because New York is New York, but I’m very happy to play New York again. It was pretty cool the first time in February, so I say, I just need to give them what I have. I just want to have fun.”

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