5 Things to Look Out For at The Grammys This Sunday

Music’s biggest night is this Sunday, and it’s shaping up to be an incredible telecast. The Grammys are the one award show in the music world where everyone shows up, and those hitting the stage really give it their all. 

The Recording Academy has already announced almost three dozen singers and musicians, with plenty of them joining together in once in a lifetime pairings—Beck with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Tom Jones with Jessie J both come to mind. There is certainly a lot to tune in for, but here are five things that might be especially entertaining.

Beyoncé Winning Album of the Year

While anything can happen at the Grammys and nothing is for sure until it’s announced, this is a pretty safe bet. The singer has been the frontrunner ever since her album was released. Not only was her self-titled fifth album one of the biggest musical events of the past decade—we all remember where we were when we first heard that the star had dropped an entire new collection on an unsuspecting population—but it was her finest work yet, which is really saying something. Queen Bey has never been one for speeches, but she’s sure to say something worth hearing when she collects the industry’s biggest prize.

Madonna’s New Single

After it was leaked to the world (enraging Madge), the pop diva quickly announced the new album we all knew she had been working on, allowing fans to download six of the tracks immediately when they pre-ordered the collection. “Living For Love” has been announced as the lead single, and Madonna is set to perform it at the show. If you’re a fan of the kind of music that first made her a household name, make sure you catch this one, as it signals a return to her golden years.

The Premiere Ceremony

This might only appeal to real music nerds, but all are welcome to watch. The Premiere Ceremony is the event where they hand out all the awards you don’t get to see on television. This year, the Recording Academy is giving away 83 trophies, so there’s bound to be a few that you care about that don’t make it to the actual event. The Premiere Ceremony takes place while the biggest stars are walking down the red carpet, and anyone can catch the live stream online on the Grammy’s website.

Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney Performing

Another big premiere, but this time from three of the best-known names in the world instead of one. Since dropping their collaborative single “FourFiveSeconds” on the world just a few weeks ago, the song has been earning praise and stirring up rumors about new albums from all three artists. The trio will perform the track together on Sunday night, and it’s sure to be one worth watching.

Iggy Azalea’s Face When She Loses

This one is a bit mean, but it might make for some pretty awesome GIFs the next day. The Australian rapper is up for several awards, including two of the “big four”. While she technically has a run at winning Record of the Year (for her Charli XCX duet “Fancy”) and Best New Artist, her chances aren’t looking too good right now. I’m willing to bet the cameras cut to her while whoever wins those awards (likely Sam Smith) and that she has some trouble witholding her true feelings.

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