5 International Summer 2014 Pop Hits You Had No Idea Existed

In the music industry, there are two times of the year that are incredibly important: early summer, and the last three months of the year (also known as Q4 to labels and retailers). The fall has the holiday season, and thus is the time when most albums are sold, and the early summer is when the biggest singles of the year are identified and immortalized, with one eventually earning the title of “The Song of the Summer”.

In the US, the big hits of the year are already apparent, with big names like Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, and Jason Derulo all grabbing slots in the summer countdown. While those songs are certainly doing well abroad as well as here at home, there are so many others that are performing phenomenally well, but don’t seem to make it here. Some of these acts are American, but their songs find success elsewhere.

Here is a list of five tracks that have all become huge hits around the world, but haven’t yet gotten their share of the spotlight in the States. Will they break out? Only time will tell.

Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance”

German duo Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch (AKA Milky Chance) are a real DIY success story. The two self-produced their debut album Sadnecessary, which contains their breakout hit “Stolen Dance”. The laidback guitar-fronted production’s draw is incredibly strong, and almost unexplainable. Sure, it’s a good track, but what is it that makes it impossible not to repeat? “Stolen Dance” has already become a global smash, charting in the top ten in at least 18 countries.

Rita Ora – “I Will Never Let You Down”

“I Will Never Let You Down” was destined to be a hit from the minute its production began, with Ora’s then-boyfriend Calvin Harris (maybe you know him) writing and crafting the beat. The song is an easy grab for a big hit, and it worked. The song went on to be Rita’s fourth chart topper in the UK, and has reached the pinnacle of the US dance chart. While it has all the makings of a great radio song for the masses, it is yet to be seen if the American market will truly embrace the track.

Mr. Probz – “Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)

Mr. Probz is a Dutch singer and actor who had a local hit on his hands with “Waves”, which performed well in his home country and Belgium. Then remixer and producer Robin Schulz got a hold of the song and breathed new life into it, making the song much bigger than it was before. Since then, those guitar loops and that soulful voice have been heard by millions, with the song going to number one throughout much of Europe.

Kiesza – “Hideaway”

Canadian newcomer Kiesza has a storied background as a dancer and singer-songwriter, both of which would lead her to the global success that her big debut is currently enjoying. “Hideaway” is a perfect example of a song that owes much of the attention it has received to an amazing music videowhich seems simple enough, but is really a work of art. The entire clip is one seamless shot, filled with impressive choreography and plenty of imitable style.

Madden Brothers – “We Are Done”

If the name “Madden Brothers” sounds familiar, it should. The brothers are two of the founders of Good Charlotte, who are on hiatus after their last album failed to produce any big hits and was panned by critics. After some time off to do their own thing and have some fun, Joel and Benji Madden are gearing up to release an album under their new moniker, with “We Are Done” serving as the lead single for the project. While the ’60s pop-influenced track hasn’t gained much traction here in the US, it is already a number one hit in New Zealand and Australia.

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