3 Exciting New British Acts To Listen To Right Now

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The initial British Invasion happened decades ago, when it seemed like everybody with a hit record was from across the pond. It really was an invasion too, and some of the acts that made it in America—The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, and so many more—went on to be some of the most beloved acts in the history of music.

Since then, many bloggers and journalists have tried to look different periods of time (including now) and announce them as “new British Invasions”…though it is looking more and more like England just knows how to create some top-quality musicians at all times. Many made it big in the US this year, and there are countless talented acts still waiting to rise the ranks and develop serious buzz.

Here are three names you might not know already, but might very well soon.



You know your band is off to a great start when one of the first shows you ever get to play is on the BBC Introducing stage at one of the country’s largest music festivals. After doing just that, the five piece from Nottingham (town names don’t get more British, do they?) immediately signed to a major label deal. They kept busy this past year releasing three EPs, each of which solidified them as one of the most exciting and accessible new alternative rock groups in England. Their latest single “Just My Soul Responding” takes stylistic cues from fellow Brits Bastille, which might help them snag a hit.



Garratt is another in a long line of exceptionally imaginative producers and artists in the electronic world, creating some really out there soundscapes. He is following in the footsteps of James Blake, Bon Iver, and Chet Faker, among many others. His music has a delicacy and beauty not often found in electronic music, where much of the attention goes towards louder, flashier EDM styles. His song “The Love You’re Given” is a perfect example of how experimental—yet never alienating—his art can be.



Being There are a London-based group that has been performing together for several years, but only recently have they changed gears slightly and decided to go in a different direction stylistically. This time around, they are working on crafting some really intriguing electronic-leaning dream pop that’s incredibly easy to like. “Generator” is so full of life, and yet has a wonderful laid back quality to it as well. It’s tough to make those two feelings mix, but the band has done so very well, showing that perhaps they were meant to make this kind of music all along.

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