25 Random Things About The Submarines

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You’ve probably heard the effervescent indie pop ditties of The Submarines countless times already, perhaps on an errant episode of Grey’s Anatomy or more probably, on iPhone commercials. You may even remember the Magnolia effect of a past Nip/Tuck finale which employed the band’s “Brighter Discontent” as its watchword. Says band member Blake Hazard of seeing it all play out on the TV screen, “It was very surreal, seeing the song reinterpreted that way. You write your song and you have your own intentions, but then it goes out into the world. You hear it in this completely different context. [It’s] totally fascinating and surreal. They did such a cool job taking a lot of lyrics literally and transposing them into the show. I guess the director Ryan Murphy heard the song on the radio and had this moment where he got the idea to write it into the season finale.” Currently they’re on the road supporting their latest effort Honeysuckle Weeks. Tonight they play Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge. And tomorrow night, Brooklyn’s Bell House. But of course, if you plan to attend, you should get to know them properly first. The Submarines get the Facebook meme treatment after the jump.

1. The working title for Honeysuckle Weeks was Handclaps and Bitchslaps. 2. John could eat Indian food every night. 3. Blake could not. 4. The band had to buy their own iPhones. No freebies. 5. The artwork for Honeysuckle Weeks was done by Cole Gerst, otherwise known as option-g. 6. In the van, the band listens mostly to BBC World service via satellite radio, or silence. 7. John and Blake now play live with drummer J Stare. 8. J plays a clear blue Vistalite traps. 9. Blake’s first recordings were done at Mark Sandman from Morphine’s house and Paul Kolderie’s house (producer Radiohead, Hole). 10. John plays a 1963 Jazzmaster. 11. Blake plays a fancy $100 guitar, a Kapa Continental. 12. Blake ran the LA marathon last year, and plans to do it again this year. 13. Veggies forever! Blake is a veggie/pescaterian and a proud PETA supporter. 14. The Submarines are obsessive Chowhound and Yelp users to ensure good eats are procured on tour. 15. Drummer J Stare is also a painter. 16. Blake spent two years studying at Harvard: she started out gardening and working in a guitar shop after school. 17. John attended the Berklee School of Music for just shy of one year; he started out working as a bike messenger after school. 18. He played some of his first shows opening for Juliana Hatfield’s (who attended Berklee at the same time) band, The Blake Babies. 19. John grew up in Dubai and Cairo; Blake grew up in Northern Vermont. 20. Their first record, Declare a New State, was mastered by friend, Jeff Lipton, as a wedding present. 21. One of the first films they watched together was Das Boot (about Submarines)!! 22. Blake’s great grandparents were F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. 23. John worked on original music for the first season of Weeds with Pixies’ guitarist, Joey Santiago. 24. John has been asked to remix tracks for Avril Lavigne, Ra Ra Riot, Josh Ritter and Kristen Hersh. Mostly under the moniker, Tone Tiger. 25. Blake drives a 1963 Volvo 122s (little cars drink less gas!).