The Luxor is one of the most recognizable hotels on the Strip: Just look for the giant black pyramid with the space-searing light shooting out of the top. One of Vegas’ last themed casinos before the current mirrored tower/office building trend took hold, the Luxor began extensive rennovations in 2007 to “modernize” the site and replace the Egyptian theme with the omipresent mid-century modern Hollywood look. While rooms in the north and south towers have been re-done, others retain the (amusingly over-the-top) Egyptian style but almost all require a very long walk from the elevator–‘scuse us, inclinator–that takes you up.
The Luxor has also upscaled its clubs and restaurants. Company American Bistro, Cathouse, and T&T are trendy eateries–lodge-themed, bordello-themed, and Tequila-themed respectively–while LAX and its semi-attatched Bar Noir are slick, LA-style nightspots that still draw (mostly B-list) celebs. There’s several pools, a spa, and plenty of shopping via the attached Mandalay Place shopping mall.

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