The Plaza Hotel Introduces Plaza-opoly!

While “gamers” obsess over mastering the new Resident Evil 37 ½ or whatever, thanks to our cultivated friends at the mythic Plaza Hotel New York, more urbane sorts will be busying themselves with a decidedly more sophisticated—and, it must be noted, refreshingly tactile—brand of summertime fun. Indeed, the enchanting new Plaza-opoly promises endless hours of high-class, cosmopolitan revelry.

This being Gotham, naturally the crux of Plaza-opoly is to find yourself rolling around in piles of make-believe dosh by game’s end. (Presumably, you’ll be doing this in the make-believe Fitzgerald Suite.) Best of all, just like an actual NYC real estate magnate, you can go bankrupt over and over and over again with zero real-life consequences.

Of course, which game token you choose to play will surely say so much about your genuine self. Surely, unimaginative poshos will opt straightaway to traverse the playing surface as a rather clichéd miniature champagne glass; but we couldn’t possibly pass up an opportunity to get to be Weenie the pug for a couple of hours, and perhaps even have a convenient pretend “accident” all over the board—especially if we’re losing!

The Plaza (the real one) has had a tumultuous past decade, to be sure. But the old magic seems to have returned, surely evidenced by this most stylish new leisure time diversion bearing its hallowed name. And not a moment too soon, as we’ve grown so prodigiously disinterested in whatever tweaky socialite is DJing at Le Bain this week or next. Let’s hope, then, that the Plaza product development department keeps up the good work. For indeed, we look forward to new book titles like Eloise Launches A Progressive Tech House Night At The Rose Club or, even better, Skipperdee The Turtle Raids The Mini-Bar.

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