San Diego: $19 Hotel Nights, Sans Everything

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We all know that the economy isn’t great, and that many a business is struggling with how to attract and retain customers. It’s been actually kind of good in the creativity department for the travel industry, with all kinds of bargains to be had and humungous contests to win outrageous prizes. This campaign, though, is a little sad. The Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego is offering $19 nights August 16-31. Normally the rooms run about $200 a night. This all sounds cool except that part where you don’t get to sleep in a bed — you’ll be paying $19 a night for no air conditioning, breakfast, toilet paper, nor lights, neither.

Instead they’ll replace the bed with a small tent. Apparently the draw is the hotel’s three pools, spa, and golf course. The management hopes that by camping out in a room, customers will want to come back and pay full price in the future. I’m not so sure about that; if customers wanted to provide their own sleeping bags, toilet paper, food, and electricity, they might you know, stay home. Or, alternately, camp somewhere outside, where you can see the stars. Even $19 is too much for BYO bed.