Paris Opening: Hotel O

Occasionally seditionist French designer Ora-ïto is the rather imaginative creative force behind the futuristic new Hotel O, in Paris’ poshie 1e. More aesthetically flamboyant than radical, it revisits that sort of incandescent, optimistic Y2K vision of the new century, which has since been usurped by so much Jeremiah Johnson chic.

Rooms are done up in glowing, shock-to-the-retina reds, pinks, greens, etc, while the bar area, with its bright yellow ottomans and stark, unembellished lines, is the very epitome of what had been regarded as post-millennial cool. In the lobby is a bizarrely entrancing sculptural centerpiece, that could almost be a loo fixture from Lost In Space. The designer’s parade of famous and fashionable friends assures a scene from the get.

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