It’s Always Awesome at the Ace Hotel Again Forever

Now, we love ourselves some Ace Hotel lobby, as we have proved once, twice, and thrice. It really is quite comfortable until the wifi breaks from the load, and you can feel reasonably secure as a solo couch occupant that no one is going to steal your laptop or use it to execute Al Qaida missions. Nevertheless, the charmingly hip and artsy and multi-culti inhabitants of the Ace lobby are just about overcooked enough for parody. For example, have you met the Dutch industrial antiques dealer?

That gentleman is one of several quoted in the Observer piece about the Ace lobby and the Ace generally, which mirrors the positive assessments found elsewhere, like at New York mag (which closes with one of our quotes from Remington Guest, still the best-named Ace-head). During the week, it’s almost impossible to find a spot to crouch with your laptop unless you get there early and guard your turf religiously. The hospitality dollars, day for day, probably make this lobby one of the most profitable in town. The beer’s almost as good as the coffee, and why not get lunch?

The scene-ness of the Ace lobby is poised to overrun its actual utility as a workplace, though. Doesn’t mean we wouldn’t drop by from time to time, because scenes are fun. But every trend piece that punches up the crowd quotient means it’s going to be that much harder to get any work done. That’s not a problem if getting work done isn’t why you’re hanging out at the Ace in the first place, of course.

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