Hotels Where Celebs Like to Get It On

imageCelebrities are just like us! And just like the average john, they like to check into a hotel, draw the blackout blinds, and bang their lover on some high-thread-count sheets. To prove it, Concierge has a roundup of the top hotels where the rich and (in)famous like to play naughty games:

1. The Soho Grand in New York (Soho) – Favorite of J. Simp and John Mayer when they were hot and heavy, the rooms all have giant windows (good for exhibitionists!) and pets are allowed (hmmm). 2. The Palms in Las Vegas (Off-Strip West) – Michael Phelps has been known to get extra-friendly with the hired help here, and he’s now seriously dating one Caroline Paz who works at the hotel’s Moon Nightclub. Pam, Paris, Snoop, and Britney are all known to get down here, and it is also the famed spot where George Clooney met ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson.

3. Across the pond, third on the list: The Dorchester in London (Mayfair) – With J. Lo, Kate Moss, and The Beckhams as regulars, this is the spot to spot a celeb in London. It is also the scene of a scandalous affair starring Ralph Fiennes, his wife Francesca Annis, and his mistress Cornelia Crisan. Fiennes seduced Miss Crisan one fateful night at the hotel, which launched a two-year affair that ended when the mistress “told-all” to the tabloids, effectively ruining both relationships. Ah, if those walls could talk. 4. The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) – This is the scene of a famous, old-school affair between Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, who used the hotel as their living quarters for two decades while Tracy’s wife (they never divorced) hung out at the ranch home in the Valley. 5. Gramercy Park Hotel (Union Square) – This is the scene of the bizarre tryst between Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olson. It’s also beloved by Kate Hudson, Lindsey Lohan, Anne Hathaway, and J. Lo.

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