Big Surprise! New York Hotels Blacklisted Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has begun to book hotels for his cross-country ‘Violent Torpedo of Truth’ tour, making his New York appearance on April 8th. His top choice for hospitality? Why The Plaza, of course. Sadly, after Sheen’s last less-than-quiet stay (he trashed the hotel room and locked an adult film star in a bathroom, to jog your memory) the Plaza isn’t rolling out the red carpets. Same goes for a slew of other New York hotel properties.

After Sheen racked up $7K in damages done to his Plaza suite last October, the iconic hotel has blacklisted him. According to Page Six, Sheen has also been banned from The Waldorf Astoria and the Trump Soho (actually, it may be safe to put all of the Trump properties on that list thanks to Sheen’s mom). It’s good to know that the whole world is not on crazy pills!

One source told Page Six, “Many of the big New York hotels don’t want the drama. He is now looking at renting a private residence.” But another dismissed this reason, claiming, “The real issue is finding him a hotel that allows smoking. He has to be able to smoke. And it’s hard to find a place that will accommodate him, plus his entourage that will be more than 30, including the lighting people and of course the goddesses.”

I’m filing those hotels under “Classy Establishments That Don’t Need a Media Circus to Stay Relevant.”


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