Amanda Lepore, David LaChapelle, Jake Shears… It’s Getting Pretty Gay at Skylark Palms Springs

How gay is the new Skylark Hotel in Palm Springs? Let us count the ways…

1) The owners are gay, one of whom "werks" the web site homepage with his catwalk pose.
2) Staff is gay, most of whom don’t have much hotel experience but, hey, they look good!
3) Skylark was formerly Camp Palm Springs, a clothing optional resort. Repeat guests are still coming, but now wearing briefs.
4) Skylark served as the film set of many gay porn flicks. Don’t you recognize that pool?
5) It’s an LGBT hotel but "hetero" friendly, which means you probably won’t run into straight people.
6) Amanda Lepore, David LaChapelle, Jake Shears, Rose McGowan and Kelly Osbourne are invading this weekend for a crazy-ass grand opening that coincides with socialite Reggie Cameron’s birthday.

While Skylark has taken over Camp Palm Springs whose history is basically that sex resort, the bareback reputation will soon poof, thanks to the image Skylark wants. It’s going to be more of a chill, cosmopolitan, social hot spot. Sure, gay sex is going to happen but behind closed doors now that that sling is gone. Skylark is super boutique with only 28 rooms, a large, deep pool and shamrock-shaped hot tub to boot. The Crazy Coconut Bar & Grill is doing all their dining (YUM) and the bar in the back will be busy for both locals and visitors alike. And let’s stress the "social" aspect here. All rooms look out into the central pool area, so whether you’re voyeuristic or egotistic, everyone wins. And if you end up crashing the all-day, Saturday pool party (it’s free!), do a shot for us. It will probably be gay-flavored. 

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