Do It Today: Order The I.V. Doc

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Let’s have a quick science-for-dummies lesson. Or, just a reminder. Alcohol–that potent beverage you may or may not (no sarcasm intended) have consumed entirely too much of last night, is a diuretic. Translation: It makes you pee. All that extra pee leads to dehydration. And all that dehydration is a major contributing factor to the terribly unpleasant feeling that is a hangover.

While I will be ringing in 2015 nursing my tonsillitis and double ear infection (Whoop! Whoop!), a few weeks ago, on a weekday afternoon, I had come to find myself hungover–the result of an evening drinking on an empty stomach (I mean, come on, Sara, rule #1!). Try as I might I couldn’t kick the nausea and come 3 ‘o clock was desperate, (in spite of detesting needles) to be intravenously connected to the goodies The IV doc bears.

iv prep

The set up

Mainly, that is a lot of rehydration for your body in the form of 1,000ml of Lactated Ringers (essentially SmartWater–or hydration pumped up with electrolytes), + my personal pill-popping favorite (I can say this, I’ve got a prescription and I don’t abuse it) Zofran for nausea, and Toradol to reduce inflammation, head-pain etc. This combination is customizable and can include meds like Pepcid as well.

What this is not is the iron infusion I had at 17 in the chemo ward while my sister attempted to cheer me up with a box of macarons.

I had my fluids dripped from the comfort of a queen-sized bed, while writing a daily article. After the initial pinch of the needle (which I was slightly squeamish about), I basically just felt a chill (the fluids are very cold, but it’s kind of refreshing), and went about my day.


My kind of work attire.

What would be even better, would be to try this again on a weekend afternoon, doing truly nothing but watching TV. And, since the first day of the New Year should be spent healthfully, that’s what I recommend you do today. Make your appointment here.